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Vintage Party Hire


Thinking about hosting a party? Would you be interested in viewing a selection of vintage party props that are available to hire in the UK? Here at Anthology Vintage Hire, we have a collection of some of the most unique, handcrafted items that are ideal to amaze your friends and family. We have been established since late 2014, where we soon developed a large customer base due to our reliability, customer service and product range. Due to our popular demand, it’s vital that you don’t leave it any later to get in contact with our team.


If you are looking for vintage party hire services, then you have come to the right site. We have an array of old props that can spruce up your event, with just a few including shutters, blankets, shutters and crates. For those looking for a fun time, we also have a perfectly conditioned reclaimed wooden bar, as well as an authentic bar sign, great for letting those who want to create a drink supply section.


For those who still searching for an ideal environment to host the party within, we have a range of vintage party stretch tents to hire, with various styles and layouts for different events. One of the most favoured by both us and previous clients is the ‘chill out’ package. This particular tent unit is capable of fitting up to 54 guests, where it also includes 6ft trestle tables, vintage wooden chairs and comes with filament bulb festoon lighting. For only £1,300, you will be able to rent out this specific package, though we have many others available on our website if you would like to view an alternative.


Although we are always encouraging clients to have a fun time, we have made sure to implement a set hire period policy to guarantee that everyone receives the same service measures. Included in this, we will aim to deliver the items on the same day of the event, even if this means waking up and transporting early in the morning. If you require our items prior to the main day due to planning and set-up time, please don’t hesitate to discuss with our team prior to hiring our services. Once you are finished, our team will then collect the items, where we have no problem with collecting late at night if needed.

If you are interested in using a leading vintage party hire services, then be sure to get in contact with a member of Anthology Vintage Hire today. We are more than happy to provide additional information and support regarding our business and products, as well as check our availability for the times and dates you require. Simply email us at, where we aim to reply within a single working day.

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