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Trestle Table Making

My extremely talented and generous Father is busy working on making us some gorgeous vintage trestle tables made from old reclaimed wood.

He recently came across some old floorboards which will he is currently turning into tables to add to our collection.

We took a trip to his workshop to discuss the design of the trestle tables, and had a very productive day...drinking lots of tea and eating cake mainly, but those are the ingredients you need to make decisions right!? He doesn't quite get the idea of things being a little rustic, and he is trying to make the tables too perfect! He was going to discard this table top as it had a split in the top, but we think it adds to the character of the tables and it will look just gorgeous.

This gorgeous old barn was opposite his workshop...what an amazing setting to be working away make our vintage trestle tables! Oh... and some pretty yellow flowers that were in the gardens.

Now that the designs are finalised, my Dad will be busy finishing off the trestle tables so they will be available to hire very soon...we are so excited and cant wait to see them all finished.

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