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Some Handy Planning Tips.

Quite often, we get asked the same questions from our couples, either before they book, or during their planning process. So I thought I would answer them here, to hopefully help you with planning, and also to give you more details about our terms and conditions, and how we manage things here at A.V.H.

How Many Tables & Chairs should I book?

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We get asked this probably the most. I would say I've been asked this question about 10 times this week, and for good reason.'re looking at hiring tables and chairs, and you have 100 people on your guest list - but will they all come? If they don't all come and you've booked these numbers in, can you reduce the numbers, or should you be cautious and only book for 80 guests, and then increase it nearer the time if more come?

We always advise our couple to book in their maximum numbers with us. If they do all come, you don't want someone sitting on a crate for dinner! If you're cautious and book less thinking then not everyone will come, you run the risk of wanting to increase your numbers nearer the time, and we don't have availability. It's's stressfull! When you get all of your RSVP's back and have your final numbers, just let us know and we can amend your booking down, and more importantly your remaining balance accordingly. We never want you to pay for anything you don't need, so let us know in plenty of time and we can your booking updated for you.

If you are looking to remove large amounts of items from your booking, the likelyhood is that those items have been allocated to your booking for some time, therefore when someone else has enquired, we haven't had availability as they are allocated to your booking. If you decide to take these off near the time, we may need to re hire these so we can make sure you don't pay for them, but this isn't always possible. If we have plenty of time before your wedding, we are more than happy to remove them and you won't be charged.

When will you delivery & collect?

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Pretty much whenever you need us to!

We understand that some venues are super restricted with when we have access for delivery. Most of these we know really well and have a great relationship with so will have it planned on before you even ask us! So if you need us to deliver at 9am on the Saturday and our art 2am that same night, we will be there! We also know that lots of venues we come to give you lots of time to set up, we know you have lots to do to get ready for your big day, and if your tipi company is setting up nice and early in the week, we can plan this in.

This means that providing we don't have a mid week booking, we can deliver nice and early in the week so you have everything in plenty of time. This variation in venues does really help us plan our schedules on busy weekends. Some weeks we have can have up to 20 bookings so having all this information and knowing when we can have access for delivery and collection is really helpful. When you go ahead with a booking we will send you a form to complete where you can tell us all of this information. One thing that is really key to know is if there is any restrictions for parking, flights of stairs, or long walks from where we can park to where you need it. These things need to be factored in to our schedule so that we can make sure we have allocated enough time for you, if not, we run the risk of being late the the next venue.

Can we add on items as we go?

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You most certainly can! As long as we have the availability, you can add on bits and bobs whenever you like, and we will update your booking for you. Even if it's something we don't have available, if it's a super popular item we may go out and but another one (or 50!) for you (any excuse to go shopping!!). We ideally would like your final items all booked in 30 days before, however we know that sometimes things crop up last minute. We often have couples asking to add on last minute items up to the day before! If we have it available, you can have it!

What happen if an item we have booked gets damaged?

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In the very unlikely event that something you have booked with us get damaged, it's likely you will never even know about it! We will either fix it in time for your booking, or replace it. If we can't do either of those because either the item is too badly damaged or very unique, we will be in touch as soon as possible and offer you an alternative that will be extremely similar. Even though our items are mainly vintage, we have a great network of wholesalers and places we can source items from, and nothing is impossible! People are often surprised at how little damages or losses we get. This year will have seen us do over 300 weddings and events, and we have only had 1 booking where we had major damages (all of which we repaired or replaced within 3 days), and a handful of bookings where items have gone missing. We are super lucky that our couples and clients take great care over our items.

If you have any other questions you would like covered leave a comment below and I will add them in.

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