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Game of GTA 5 anyone?

So we had an enqurity recently asking for our vintage folding wooden chairs for a works Christmas Party. Got the order all confirmed when I realised the email address contacting me ended with rockstar games! So I went ahead and asked my husband (who does like to play on the Xbox occasionally!) if he new what the did! well...silly question it seemed!

Ummmm...yes...they make GTA!! (Grand Theft Auto to a normal person!) my husband said excitedly! So he is suitably impressed that we are providing the chairs for their Christmas Party! He then went on to call his 13 year old son who I could hear on the other end shout "noooooo way!!". I think he thinks he may get a new Xbox one out if it....he would be wrong!

Its great to be providing large companies like with our vintage furniture so early in our business venture, long may it continue!

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