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Behind The Scenes

I absolutely love being part of a styled shoot. I get to work with amazing suppliers, and create stunning images that we can all share, and hopefully get submitted into a blog for the world to see!

When I get the time to go along to a styled shoot, it always amazes me how hard everyone works. It’s a real team effort and everyone plays their part, and works their butt off to create the most stunning scenes possible.

This bunch are some of my absolute faves! I’m lucky enough now that I can choose the styled shoots we are involved in, and be a bit more selective with who I work with. The team from this one I would work with all day long. People who over the years I would now call friends, and new suppliers who I’ve heard of but never met before.

What can I say about Jenna?! Apart from the fact that I'm heartbroken that she has emigrated to the other side of the bloody world! Jenna was the brains behind this styled shoot, and she is a master stationer and owner of Wonderland Invites! Her eye for style and design is second to none, and is she crazy good at having an idea and bringing it to life. I have been lucky enough to work with her on so many styled shoots, and the ones she created are something else! As a bunch of Essex wedding suppliers, we will miss her dearly, but you lucky lot who are planning your wedding can still very much hire her services as a stationer for your big day.

This lady is probably one of my favourite people in the industry. Laura from Rock The Day is an absolute gem. She is such a grafter, has the most amazing eye for style, and is flipping hilarious! Her partners in crime are Alex & Madga, Alex is also one of the nicest people, and insane prop builder (she can literally make anything!) and Magda is unbelievably talented when it comes to making props and upholstery, and I feel luck to call these guys friends.


This is Emma, she owns Passion Flowers by Emma Spowage. She grows her own flowers right in her back and garden and it's a labour of love her. She produces THE most amazing flowers for your big day, seasonal and so so gorgeous, and is one of the nicest people in the industry. I have been lucky enough to work with her on a few styled shoots, and she did an amazing job of creating flowers for us on our own photos shoot recently.

Florists work so hard on shoots, often making a lot of the installs on the day. They take time and precision, but Emma makes it look so easy! I'm in awe of her talent and how she can create absolute magic with flowers!

Ooh it's me, with about 10 chins carrying a sofa!! Just thought I would show that I do some graft on the shoots! But most of the time I'm standing and watching (drinking coffee!) the clever lot style and design the shoot! I also love to pull ridiculous faces whilst Kelsie has the camera in her hand rather than looking all demure and sophisticated!!


This one is an absolute warrior! Not only is she an amazing hair and make up artist for her business Bumble Bee Bridal, but she manages to do it with a baby in her arms! Only whilst on shoots, not on your actual wedding day!!

She's smart and so so talented, and full of amazing business advice too. She absolutely cracks me up and so funny, what a beaut.

The lovely Katie of Pitch Boutiques I hadn't met before. As ever we have exchanged a few messages via the gram, but never met! It's so nice when you get to meet other suppliers for the first time, so hard working and an amazing brand. We hope to work with you guys in the future.

Natasha from Wild Flower Wedding Planner I have had the pleasure of working with before. Such a great stylist and now part of the Occasion Queens team for Essex.

This photo was us chatting about the flower she is holding in her hand. I can't for the flipping life of me remember what it's called - guys help me out in the comments below! She also did an amazing job of helping me shift my furniture about! Also....LOVE her scarf!!

I got to meet the lovely Suzanne from Amaze & Graze on the shoot. I had heard wonderful things, and boy did she produce some amazing food! Unfortunately I have to leave before it got devoured (damn it!!) but who wouldn't want this on their big day?!

The models are often just expected to turn up and look pretty, but more often than not, they are on their feet a lot, and standing out in freezing temperatures for hours. It was pretty flipping cold and very windy on shoot day, so to make it look like they're really warm and loving every minute is an ask!

It's funny that probably the hardest working person on shoot and after for the hours of editing, is the photographer.

The beyond gorgeous and award winning Kelsie Low took all these photos! She gets to show us off in our best light, and the final product from the shoot is from here amazing eye. She is so talented and if you're looking for someone to shoot your wedding, then I highly recommend this lady.

There are so many other suppliers who don’t often come on the shoot, but are such an important part in making the while look come together.

The lovely Lis from Lucky & Co who make the most gorgeous cakes, she made a macrame cake, I mean come on!! Can’t wait to show you more of this gorgeous creation!

Poppy Perspective supplied the most unbelievable dresses! When I saw the dresses it made me want to get married all over again!

Verbena Madrid supplied THE most stunning headbands, I was slightly worried to touch them they were so exquisite!

Black & Sigi provided the stunning jewellery (which I totally wanted to steal!) and Vanderhume the gorgeous textiles and tapestries. Studio HETHE made the most gorgeous hand crafted ceramic plates which I pretty much want in my home!

Thanks for reading, and I cant wait to show you the final edit!

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