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Trying to Find Vintage Furniture for Hire?

Are you looking for some of the highest quality vintage furniture to hire for a special event or occasion? Well, then look no further, welcome to Anthology Vintage Hire. We are a specialist vintage furniture company that provides an array of different quality rustic furniture and prop items which are ideal to hire for special event usage. Our collection is full of our handmade furniture, made from stunning reclaimed wood, luxurious pre-loved props, and a few shiny new things too, so if you’re looking to have a vintage theme for your special day, then we are here to help. 


What Vintage Furniture do we Hire?


As a business, we understand that finding the right type of vintage furniture hire can be very hard and time-consuming, however, if you choose to use our service, we have done most of the hard work for you. Since being established, we have grown our collection of items to include everything and anything you could possibly need. from tables, chairs, furniture items, large and small props to vessels, cases, crates and trunks, we think we should have you covered to help you create an epic vintage theme at your desired location, regardless of whether the venue is inside or outside. 


Why use a Vintage Theme for your Wedding?


For weddings, more and more people are going for a vintage theme as it looks good and it is one of the most romantic themes to choose. A theme using vintage furniture hire can make for such a beautiful and romantic wedding backdrop. It not only pulls off the romanticism of the past but creates a sensitivity that evokes nostalgia. Here at Anthology Vintage Hire, we have years of experience in providing vintage furniture hire. We understand that even though the vintage theme is becoming a trend, no wedding venue will look the same, as all the planners we have worked with have used our items in different ways creating unique and refreshing layout designs.


One of the biggest demands we have for our vintage furniture hire is for our table and chairs. These are often used for the sit-down reception meals, where multiple people can sit together and have a celebratory meal. Alongside these items, people have also hired trestle tables to help create directional and welcome signs to guide guests within a venue especially if there are several locations being used. We have also seen many wedding planners create photogenic seating areas where guests can relax whilst waiting for different parts of the wedding to happen. These areas often consist of a sofa set, a coffee table, and some vessels and books for decoration purposes; these areas look simply beautiful and very welcoming creating a warm and inviting atmosphere for your guests.

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